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127 Hours

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  1. '127 Hours' Subject Aron Ralston Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

    7:02 am 12/9/2013

    James Franco portrayed the adventurer -- who was forced to cut off his forearm after getting trapped by a boulder in a Utah canyon -- in the 2010 movie.Read more

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  2. Danny Boyle on His Psychological Thriller 'Trance' and Why Coppola Is King

    2:55 pm 3/15/2013

    Speaking at a BAFTA/LA gathering, the Oscar-winning director says, "I was a punk" and that movement still influences "the way I make films."Read more

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  3. '127 Hours' Via Looney Tunes

    1:14 am 3/15/2011

    Beep, beep. Read more

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  4. Inside the Governor's Ball: Oscar Nominee Hailee Steinfeld the Belle of the Ball

    1:18 am 2/28/2011

    "The Fighter's" Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale were eager to introduce themselves to "True Grit's" young star at the post-Oscar party.Read more

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  5. 'The King's Speech' Reigns at Oscars

    3:14 pm 2/27/2011

    The British drama wins best picture, lead actor, director and original screenplay honors at the 83rd Academy Awards; Natalie Portman, Melissa Leo and Christian Bale join Colin Firth as winners in acting categories.Read more

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  6. James Franco = Mark Twain + Ashton Kutcher, Danny Boyle = William Castle

    5:30 pm 2/24/2011

    Two pro-Javier Bardem quipster critics nail Franco's Oscar problem, which casts light on Natalie Portman and Annette Bening's down-to-the-wire race.Read more

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  7. James Franco Gives Encouragement to Aron Ralston on 'Minute to Win It'

    11:34 pm 2/23/2011

    The mountain climber, whom Franco portrays in "127 Hours," won $125,000 for charity on the NBC game show.Read more

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  8. Spirit Award Nominees Aaron Eckhart, Eli Roth Share Harrowing Set Moments (VIDEO)

    6:30 pm 2/23/2011

    Casts and crews faced everything from alligators to broken limbs during the making of their independent films.Read more

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  9. Oscars: Will the Loudest Actors Win?

    5:17 pm 2/23/2011

    If you want an Oscar, it doesn't pay to play it cool. Here are the noisiest contenders -- and likeliest to win on Sunday.Read more

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  10. 8 Ways the Oscars Are Going to Be Radically Different This Year

    3:00 am 2/23/2011

    With James Franco and Anne Hathaway gracing the cover of the current issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, the telecast producers reveal plans for a respectful facelift.Read more

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