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The Fighter

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  1. The Race: How to Win 101

    6:37 pm 11/17/2010

    A case study on what late entry "The Fighter" must do to land best filmRead more

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  2. Flixster Oscar Smackdown: 'Black Swan' vs. 'The Fighter'

    5:51 pm 11/15/2010

    30 million obsessive film fans on cellphones can't be wrong: "Black Swan" is a girls' club, and "The Fighter" is a boys' club. But why are they ogling Mark Wahlberg, not Oscar fave Christian Bale?Read more

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  3. It's Good to Be 'King': First-Round Oscar Picks

    6:22 pm 11/14/2010

    Four out of six Oscar experts agree (with me): 'The King's Speech' beats 'The Social Network' -- this week, anyway. Read more

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  4. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Mark Wahlberg Talks 'The Fighter'

    7:11 pm 11/10/2010

    The actor reveals details of his grueling training schedule.Read more

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  5. 'The Fighter' and Hollywood's Fight Club

    2:19 pm 11/10/2010

    Oscar blogger Pete Hammond gets medieval on security's ass at "The Fighter," but the real Oscar bout is Scott Rudin vs. Harvey Weinstein.Read more

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  6. How 'The Fighter's' First Screening Was Received

    5:48 am 11/10/2010

    “I haven’t seen a crowd like this since I performed with the Funky Bunch!” said producer/costar Mark Wahlberg.Read more

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  7. Awards Watch -- The Contenders

    11:15 am 11/9/2010

    Highlights from this year’s race for awards season gold.Read more

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