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Piranha 3D

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  1. ‘Piranha 3DD’: Less Taste, More Everything Else Than the Original (Video)

    2:39 pm 2/29/2012

    "Feast" director John Gulager combines copious amounts of nudity with killer fish and campy performances from David Hasselhoff and Ving Rhames.Read more

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  2. 'Piranha' Director Boards Horror-Thriller 'Horns' (Exclusive)

    11:49 am 12/8/2011

    Alexandre Aja will direct the Mandate project, about a 26-year-old man who wakes up with a massive hangover and discovers horns sprouting from his head.Read more

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  3. 'Avengers,' 'Piranha 3DD' Begin Production

    9:53 pm 4/25/2011

    Joss Whedon's all-star "Avengers" hits theaters next year, while the "Piranha 3D" sequel is set for a November release.Read more

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  4. Read the threatening letter Joe Francis' lawyer sent over 'Piranha 3D'

    4:10 pm 8/19/2010

    <p> <a href="/images/old/6a00d83451d69069e20134865345ea970c-pi.jpg" style="display: inline;"><img alt="Francis_final_stamp_pg1" border="0" class="asset asset-image at-xid-6a00d83451d69069e20134865345ea970c image-full " src="/images/old/6a00d83451d69069e20134865345ea970c-800wi.jpg" title="Francis_final_stamp_pg1" /></a> </p> <p> <a href="/images/old/6a00d83451d69069e20133f32fb439970b-pi.jpg" style="display: inline;"><img alt="Francis_pg2_600x350" border="0" class="asset asset-image at-xid-6a00d83451d69069e20133f32fb439970b image-full " src="/images/old/6a00d83451d69069e20133f32fb439970b-800wi.jpg" title="Francis_pg2_600x350" /></a> </p><p> <a href="/images/old/6a00d83451d69069e20133f32ee3a9970b-pi.jpg" style="float: right;"><img alt="Francis,joe" class="asset asset-image at-xid-6a00d83451d69069e20133f32ee3a9970b " src="/images/old/6a00d83451d69069e20133f32ee3a9970b-320wi.jpg" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px;" title="Francis,joe" /></a>How mad is &quot;Girls Gone Wild&quot; mogul Joe Francis at Jerry O&#39;Connell&#39;s coke-snorting, kid-filming character who loses his penis to ravenous fish in this weekend&#39;s &quot;Piranha 3D&quot;? </p> <p>&quot;I believe Mr. O&#39;Connell may lose more than his penis (i.e., lots of money) if he and the Weinstein Co. choose to release this film and continue to falsely associate me with its questionable content,” Francis tells us.</p> <p>Francis&#39; lawyer Larry Stein sent the above letter to distributor TWC after O&#39;Connell <a href="http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-08-10/jerry-oconnell-on-losing-his-penis-in-piranha-3-d/">told</a> the Daily Beast of his role: &quot;I get to play Joe Francis! Oh, wait. For legal reasons I&#39;m supposed to say, &#39;I play someone loosely based on Joe Francis.&#39;&quot;</p> <p>The letter threatens that &quot;any defamatory or disparaging statements, or depictions, in the media or in the film itself, or other statements that portray Mr. Francis in a false light, will be met with swift litigation.&quot;</p> Read more

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  5. Piranha 3D: Film Review

    1:04 pm 8/19/2010

    "Piranha 3D" is a pitch-perfect, guilty-pleasure serving of late-summer schlock that handily nails the tongue-in-cheek spirit of the Roger Corman original.Read more

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