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True Grit

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  1. Top 5 Oscar Nomination Mysteries Solved

    7:40 pm 1/26/2011

    Why did Christopher Nolan, Lesley Manville, Marion Cotillard, "Tron", and "Waiting for Superman" lose, and teensy upstarts win? Here's why.Read more

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  2. Unusual Number of Oscar Nominees Feature Severed Extremities, Oral Sex

    4:11 pm 1/26/2011

    Film critic Steven Rea "goes out on a limb" and proclaims this the biggest year for amputations in Oscar history. But oral sex scenes win still more kudos.Read more

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  3. Coen Bros. on Oscar Nominations: 'Ten Seems Like an Awful Lot'

    8:54 am 1/25/2011

    "We don't want to take anyone else's," they say in a joint statement. Read more

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  4. How NFL Playoffs Hurt Weekend Box Office

    5:48 pm 1/24/2011

    "The King's Speech" and "True Grit" are among the films whose estimates fell short due to championship games that broke ratings records.Read more

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  5. Pre-PGA Oscar Predictions: 'Social Network' and Portman Will Win

    12:49 pm 1/21/2011

    THR's Oscar predictor gives up on "The King's Speech" and Annette Bening -- but ask us again after Saturday's PGA Awards.Read more

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  6. EXCLUSIVE: 'Lethal Weapon,' 'Wild Bunch' Reboots Revived After Warner Bros. Exec Shuffle

    2:31 pm 1/19/2011

    Are you ready for a "Lethal Weapon" reboot? How about a remake of "The Wild Bunch"?Read more

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  7. Berlin Tones Down Hollywood Glitz and Ups the Indie Grit for 2011 Edition

    7:26 am 1/18/2011

    "Unknown," "Margin Call" and "The Forgiveness of Blood" among Berlin titles.Read more

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  8. THR Cover: Jeff Bridges’ Revealing New Interview

    10:38 am 1/12/2011

    The "True Grit" star opens up about hesitating before taking on Rooster, almost not proposing to his wife and real-life similarities to his "Big Lebowski" character – including using "booze and pot and drugs" between films.Read more

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  9. Bridges on Bridges

    7:00 pm 1/11/2011

    The actor recalls some key movies from his impressive filmography.Read more

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  10. Jeff Bridges Is Still Searching … But For What?

    10:47 pm 1/10/2011

    The always restless Oscar incumbent on Zen, what marriage is like as a commitment-phobe and the burden of being The Dude.Read more

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