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  1. Storm Chasers Star, 30, Dead

    10:20 am 11/4/2010

    Matt Hughes' last episode aired Wednesday on the Discovery Channel.Read more

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  2. ‘Supernanny’ Jo Frost Quits Show to Start Her Own Family

    6:35 am 11/4/2010

    The sixth season, premering Friday, will focus on teen moms because "people think [having children] is really glamorous because magazines are filled with young celebrities and their children... [that] is not the case for the young family in Iowa."Read more

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  3. Father-in-Law: Gordon Ramsay Fired Me After I Took Out $2 Million Loan

    6:10 am 11/1/2010

    Chris Hutcheson says he didn’t do anything unethical, but the “Hell’s Kitchen” chef “has locked me out of the business and sacked me and tried to make me the scapegoat, the bad guy.”Read more

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  4. MORNING ROUNDUP: George W. Bush to Promote New Memoir on 'Oprah'

    6:21 am 10/29/2010

    Plus: AOL redesigns its homepage, Meg Whitman says her illegal former housekeeper should be deported, CNN anchors Kyra Phillips and John Roberts announce they're expecting twins, Audrina Patridge's mom apologizes for her drunken post-"Dancing With the Stars" rant - and other overnight news.Read more

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  5. Sarah Palin Will 'Compete for Ratings' With Bristol

    6:17 am 10/28/2010

    "She with ABC, me with FOX News… She'll kick my butt," says the former Alaska governor, who will be covering the mid-term elections as her daughter competes on Dancing With the Stars.Read more

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  6. MORNING ROUNDUP: Federal Trade Commission Clears Google of Privacy Violations

    6:00 am 10/28/2010

    Plus: Balloon Boy's dad becomes an internet pitchman, Joy Behar rejects Nevada Senator candidate's flowers and mouths off again, a Mad Men book begins pre-sales, and other overnight news.Read more

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  7. JetBlue Guy Breaks Silence on August Outburst

    9:23 am 10/27/2010

    Steven Slater accepts responsibility, telling "Larry King Live" Tuesday, "It was a perfect storm of bad manners that created the situation, including my own."Read more

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  8. Whitney Port: The City Is Canceled

    12:43 pm 10/25/2010

    "One door closes and another opens," she tells Ryan Seacrest.Read more

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  9. Q&A: 'Jersey Shore' producer Salsano on the finale, fame and what's next

    5:59 am 10/21/2010

    Fighting, smooshing, skin damage! 'Jersey Shore' co-creator SallyAnn Salsano reveals what's to come in Season 3 and beyond. Read more

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  10. MORNING ROUNDUP: Sarah Jessica Parker Named Anti Sex-Trafficking Spokesperson

    5:53 am 10/21/2010

    Plus, George Soros donates $1 million to fact check Fox News, new CNN host (and former New York governor) Eliot Spitzer is denied from the Harvard Club, Axl Rose is sued for damaging a $165,000 Bentley, Jenny McCarthy opens up about her new TV show and boss, Oprah Winfrey, and other hot topics.Read more

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