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  1. Blacklist Victims' Children Blast Apology From THR Founder's Son

    5:00 am 12/12/2012

    While some appreciated Willie Wilkerson's gesture, Dalton Trumbo's daughter Mitzi summed up other responses: "It was meaningless."Read more

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  2. Blacklist Victim Thanks THR Founder’s Son for Apology

    8:47 pm 11/21/2012

    “I can’t tell you how much it means," said Marsha Hunt, who had been a star on the rise when being branded a communist sympathizer ended her acting career.Read more

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  3. Victims of Hollywood's Blacklist

    10:00 am 11/19/2012

    Former cast and crew of Hollywood talk about being labeled as a communist and being blacklisted from the entertainment business. Read more

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  4. The Hollywood Brass Who Endorsed the Blacklist

    10:00 am 11/19/2012

    "We are frank to recognize that such a policy involves danger and risks. There is the danger of hurting innocent people," they wrote in the Waldorf Statement.Read more

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  5. An Apology: The Son of THR Founder Billy Wilkerson on the Publication's Dark Past

    10:00 am 11/19/2012

    W.R. Wilkerson III writes a formal apology for what he calls "Hollywood's Holocaust."Read more

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  6. Sean Penn on His Blacklisted Dad: 'There Was No Loyalty'

    10:00 am 11/19/2012

    In a guest piece for THR, the actor remembers the grace and dignity with which his father endured the harsh, damning wounds inflicted by an industry -- and a country -- that turned against him.Read more

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  7. Blacklist Profiles: 7 Writers and Actors Who Defied Hollywood

    10:00 am 11/19/2012

    Kirk Douglas -- who took a stand and hired banned screenwriter Dalton Trumbo for "Spartacus" -- is one of several who talk to THR about putting their careers on the line by opposing the Blacklist. Read more

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  8. The Hollywood Reporter, After 65 Years, Addresses Role in Blacklist

    10:00 am 11/19/2012

    Sixty-five years ago, the town's studio chiefs, executives and guilds joined a communist witch hunt launched by THR's legendary owner, Billy Wilkerson. Today, in the first-ever exploration of a demagogue's mission and the lives destroyed, his son writes a formal apology.Read more

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  9. Hollywood Blacklist Victims Speak Out: 'Our Industry Was Under Attack' (Video)

    9:55 am 11/19/2012

    THR interviews six actors and writers who were targeted during the communist witch hunt.Read more

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