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Connecticut School Shooting

Latest News

  1. Jennifer Hudson to Sing With Sandy Hook Chorus at Super Bowl

    3:54 pm 1/31/2013

    The Grammy winner will perform "America the Beautiful" with the elementary school's chorus during Sunday's pregame show.Read more

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  2. Sundance 2013: 'Blue Caprice' Sparks Comparisons to Recent Mass Shootings

    3:01 pm 1/19/2013

    The creative team behind the film, which was inspired by the real-life events that led to the 2002 Beltway sniper attacks, are drawing parallels to events like Newtown, Conn.Read more

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  3. NBC Executives Dispute Link Between Violent TV Content and Rash of Shootings

    11:46 am 1/6/2013

    With the serial killer drama "Hannibal" on tap for later this year, NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt warns against making "the leap that a show about serial killers has caused violence in our country."Read more

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  4. Quentin Tarantino: It's 'Disrespectful' to Newtown Victims to Blame Movies for School Shooting

    9:24 pm 1/3/2013

    The “Django Unchained” director says, “Obviously, the issue is gun control and mental health.”Read more

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  5. Connecticut Newspaper Runs Gun Show Ad Alongside Sandy Hook Back-to-School Story

    11:17 am 1/3/2013

    The placement raised eyebrows, prompting a statement of apology.Read more

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  6. Post-Newtown, 70 Percent Say Hollywood Shows Too Much Violence (Poll)

    8:30 am 1/3/2013

    The Hollywood Reporter and pollster Penn Schoen Berland asked consumers of movies and television how their views on depictions of violence were affected by the Dec. 14 shooting in Connecticut.Read more

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  7. NBC's David Gregory Under Investigation Following 'Meet the Press' NRA Interview

    9:29 am 12/26/2012

    UPDATED: Gregory displayed what appeared to be a 30-bullet gun magazine as he questioned Wayne LaPierre about the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.Read more

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  8. New Piers Morgan Petition Surfaces to Keep CNN Host in U.S.

    9:00 am 12/26/2012

    Why? "No one in the UK wants him back."Read more

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  9. Demi Lovato Records Holiday Classic in Honor of Sandy Hook Victims (Video)

    8:24 am 12/26/2012

    The singer and "X Factor" judge sings "Angels Among Us" in a video released Christmas Eve.Read more

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  10. NRA's Wayne LaPierre on 'Meet the Press': If It’s Crazy to Put More Guns in Schools, Then Call Me Crazy (Video)

    9:29 am 12/23/2012

    Host David Gregory challenged the NRA CEO and held up a 30-round magazine clip on the Sunday morning talk show.Read more

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