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Fall TV 2012

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  1. Former 'Smash' Showrunner Reveals Why She Exited

    10:51 pm 11/27/2012

    In a new interview, Theresa Rebeck shared insight on the types of arguments she had with the network about specific characters: "There is this sort of sense that if you don’t f--- with the muse ... the muse will stand by you.”Read more

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  2. 'Covert Affairs' Bosses Answer Finale's Biggest Questions, Reveal Season 4 Plans

    8:00 pm 11/20/2012

    "For us, what's exciting is just because Annie and Auggie are coming together doesn't mean that their story ends," co-creator Chris Ord teased to THR. "If anything, it gets even juicier."Read more

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  3. 'Last Resort' Co-Creator Shawn Ryan on Cancellation: 'It Wasn't a Huge Shock'

    11:02 am 11/19/2012

    "I would compare it to if you have a relative who becomes terminally ill," the executive producer said during a lengthy interview on "Kevin Pollak's Chat Show." "You know it's coming, and yet you still are shocked when it happens."Read more

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  4. 'Vampire Diaries': Elena's Confession Changes the Game

    9:31 pm 11/15/2012

    On Thursday's "We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes," one of Mystic Falls' couples goes kaput.Read more

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  5. 'Last Resort' Breakdown: Shawn Ryan Answers 10 of the Biggest Questions So Far

    6:00 pm 11/15/2012

    In THR's weekly postmortem, executive producer Shawn Ryan sounds off on the reveal of USS Colorado's traitor, a questionable hook-up and Sam's discovery of his hallucinatory acts.Read more

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  6. 'Last Resort': Jay Hernandez Promises More Secrets Will Come Out

    2:30 pm 11/15/2012

    "Paul's emotional investment [in Christine] reaches a point where he decides to make decisions without the government telling him exactly what to do," he reveals to THR.Read more

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  7. NBC's 'Guys With Kids' Gets Limited Back Order

    12:32 pm 11/15/2012

    Meanwhile, CBS has upped the episode count for "Elementary," and reduced "Vegas" by an hour.Read more

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  8. 'Last Resort': Daniel Lissing Talks James King's Destructive Ways, Romantic Conflicts

    11:45 am 11/15/2012

    "When he's got a good thing going, he'll find a way to scuff it up," the Aussie actor said to THR of his Navy SEAL character's troubled path.Read more

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  9. 'Chicago Fire': Teri Reeves Talks Casey and Hallie's Rollercoaster Romance

    1:30 pm 11/14/2012

    "The foundation of their relationship, their goals for life at the moment are not the same. That's the core problem of the relationship," Reeves tells THR.Read more

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  10. 'Criminal Minds': Joe Mantegna on Rossi's Military Past, Teases Season Mystery

    11:15 am 11/14/2012

    In a chat with THR, the actor previews "The Fallen," which reunites Rossi with an old military friend -- who he discovers is living on the streets.Read more

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