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  1. Who Says Piracy Costs the U.S. $58 Billion a Year?

    8:00 am 5/2/2012

    The closer one looks, the more dubious the figures seem. Read more

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  2. Hong Kong Film Piracy on YouTube Amounts to $308 Million Loss

    5:15 am 4/23/2012

    Copyright infringement of Hong Kong films on YouTube, with pirated footage of over 200 films, amounting to an estimated loss of over $308 million, has been found according to the Hong Kong Motion Pictures Association. Read more

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  3. MPAA Warns of Megaupload 'Relaunch' If Servers Are Transferred

    1:57 pm 4/2/2012

    Giving Megaupload back data would constitute a violation of studio rights, says a legal filing by the MPAA todayRead more

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  4. British Court Clears the Way for Anti-Piracy Laws to Get Tough on File-Sharers

    3:29 am 3/6/2012

    Court of Appeal throws out BT and TalkTalk legal action against Digital Economy rules telling them to pay to play.Read more

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  5. Google Jumps Into Escalating Debate Over Legality of Selling 'Used' Digital Music

    8:06 am 2/2/2012

    Does this lawsuit threaten cloud storage, space shifting, fair use, and the future of the Internet? Google says, it might. The recording industry says, butt out.Read more

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  6. Taylor Hackford on the DGA's Fight Against Piracy and the Awards Show's New Host (Q&A)

    2:52 pm 1/26/2012

    "The creative people who create content are being destroyed," the Guild president told THR.Read more

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  7. The SOPA War: How to Fix Hollywood's Image Problem (Opinion)

    2:05 pm 1/26/2012

    A top public-affairs consultant offers candid advice to the entertainment industry.Read more

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  8. Megaupload Co-Founder Kim Dotcom Remanded in Custody After Dramatic New Zealand Arrest

    9:15 pm 1/22/2012

    The FBI has accused Dotcom and others involved in the “Mega conspiracy” of receiving over $175 million in criminal proceeds from worldwide online piracy.Read more

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  9. Megaupload: 4 Questions Answered About the File-Sharing Website

    12:52 pm 1/21/2012

    Earlier this week, authorities shut down the site and arrested several employees on charges of violating copyright laws.Read more

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  10. Wild Details in Bizarre Arrest of Megaupload Founder

    9:58 am 1/21/2012

    After New Zealand police attempted to gain entry into Kim Dotcom's $30 million home, he barricaded himself from officers in a safe room.Read more

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