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  1. Judge Won't Allow 'Mass-Suing' of Movie Pirates

    8:33 am 4/5/2013

    Hundreds of thousands of people have been sued for copyright infringement in the past three years using a controversial litigation strategy.Read more

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  2. France Examines Even Tougher Anti-Piracy Laws

    3:56 am 2/28/2013

    Regulatory body issues first report aimed at curbing the streaming and downloading of copyrighted content.Read more

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  3. Hollywood Docket: Pirate Sentenced; 'Valley of the Dolls' Settlement; Aereo and Google

    10:20 am 1/4/2013

    A roundup of entertainment law news including an allegation that 'The Untouchables' was used as antitrust inspiration.Read more

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  4. The Dutch Introduce New Downloader-Friendly Piracy Law

    4:45 am 12/21/2012

    Instead of banning illegal downloads with a three-strikes rule, as France has done, the Netherlands will levy a “private copy fee” on the sale of all electronic devices. Read more

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  5. U.K. Government Reviewing Google Promise to Downgrade Piracy Sites Listings

    3:55 am 11/6/2012

    Entertainment industry groups say that the online giant isn't moving fast enough to push illegal filesharing sites down in its search results.Read more

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  6. Switzerland, Italy Join Congressional Watch List on Piracy for First Time

    10:56 am 9/20/2012

    The annual report notes progress in China and Russia, but says they still are not doing enough to enforce laws that protect intellectual property. Read more

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  7. Man Sentenced in British Piracy Case Attacks Copyright Group

    3:04 am 8/17/2012

    Anton Vickerman, the first U.K. citizen sentenced to prison for linking to pirated content, criticizes the Federation Against Copyright Theft, which is financed by the film industry.Read more

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  8. Actors Unions SAG-AFTRA and FIA Welcome Intellectual Property Treaty

    3:51 am 6/26/2012

    The WIPO Beijing Treaty, which recognizes film and TV performers’ intellectual property rights, is seen as a major step towards protecting performers in a globalized, digital marketplace.Read more

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  9. European Lawmakers Reject ACTA

    11:10 am 6/21/2012

    The controversial anti-counterfeiting treaty is all but dead in Europe after the European Parliament's trade committee rejects it.Read more

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  10. Euro Copyright Legislation Dead, Says Politician

    8:55 am 6/19/2012

    The European parliament will vote on the controversial copyright legislation next month.Read more

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