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  1. European Lawmakers Reject ACTA

    11:10 am 6/21/2012

    The controversial anti-counterfeiting treaty is all but dead in Europe after the European Parliament's trade committee rejects it.Read more

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  2. Euro Copyright Legislation Dead, Says Politician

    8:55 am 6/19/2012

    The European parliament will vote on the controversial copyright legislation next month.Read more

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  3. Kino.to Founder Dirk B. Jailed, Gives Up $5 Million in File-Sharing Profits

    7:50 am 6/14/2012

    The 39-year-old behind Germany’s biggest piracy site received a reduced sentence after making a full confession.Read more

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  4. Study: Cost of German Music Piracy at $660 Million

    5:29 am 6/12/2012

    A new report on illegal digital downloads also reports that the country's film industry lost nearly $200 million in revenue.Read more

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  5. 'Game of Thrones' Tops List of the Season's Most Pirated Shows

    3:02 pm 6/11/2012

    The second season of the HBO drama averaged 4 million illegal downloads per episode according to a new study.Read more

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  6. WME's Ari Emanuel Calls for Hollywood, Silicon Valley to Come Together Over Piracy

    12:17 pm 6/1/2012

    The superagent is urging Northern and Southern California players to "get in a room with all parties to figure" out the issue of content theft. Read more

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  7. European Parliamentary Committees Oppose ACTA

    9:17 am 5/31/2012

    Three of the European Parliament's most influential committees have rejected the controversial copyright legislation.Read more

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  8. Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Joel Tenenbaum Appeal in Music Piracy Case

    11:31 am 5/21/2012

    In 2009, a jury ruled that the Boston student must pay $22,500 for each of 31 songs that he downloaded and shared on the Internet.Read more

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  9. Why 'The Avengers' Wasn't the Most Pirated Film Last Week

    11:14 am 5/7/2012

    Fewer people downloaded the blockbuster film than one might expect. Read more

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  10. Hollywood's Most Wanted: Megaupload's Predecessors

    8:00 am 5/2/2012

    Meet the big three file-sharing services that made their way on (and in some cases off) the web before Kim Dotcom's Megaupload.Read more

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