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  1. Hillary Clinton's First National TV Ad Slams GOP Over Benghazi, Email Scandals

    8:30 pm 10/5/2015

    "Republicans have spent millions attacking Hillary because she's fighting for everything they oppose."Read more

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  2. Donald Trump Escalates Marco Rubio Feud by Gifting Water Bottles

    5:35 pm 10/5/2015

    "Since you're always sweating, we thought you could use some water. Enjoy!"Read more

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  3. MIPCOM: 'Hitler' Series Greenlit With TF1, RTL

    10:44 am 10/4/2015

    'Generation War' producer UFA Film will produce the 10-hour limited series on Hitler's rise to power.Read more

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  4. 'SNL' Premiere: Hillary Clinton Cameos as Bartender, Sings "Lean on Me"

    9:25 pm 10/3/2015

    "They're multiplying!" Bill Clinton (Darrell Hammond) exclaimed upon seeing 'SNL's' Hillary impersonator talking to the actual politician herself.Read more

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  5. Jimmy Kimmel Talks Presidential Race With Kids Who Mistake Donald Trump for George Clooney

    6:45 am 10/2/2015

    "Is it Martha Washington?" guessed one child of Hillary Clinton, after the hint that her husband used to be president.Read more

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  6. Trevor Noah Calls Donald Trump the "First African President" on 'Daily Show'

    9:07 pm 10/1/2015

    Noah finds Trump's comments to be a bit familiar.Read more

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  7. Hollywood Pedophilia Movie 'An Open Secret' Slightly Re-Cut for PG-13 Rating

    3:42 pm 10/1/2015

    The MPAA originally slapped an R-rating on 'An Open Secret' for its language.Read more

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  8. Alec Baldwin Calls out Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump for "Bullshit Warmongering"

    5:45 am 10/1/2015

    "The government certainly needs to be run in a more businesslike fashion, but you can never run the government like a business," he told THR before hosting the CLIO Awards.Read more

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  9. Emily Blunt "Astonished by the Outrage" Over Joke About Regretting Becoming a U.S. Citizen

    1:14 pm 9/30/2015

    The 'Sicario' star also sheds a bit more light on how she did on her citizenship test.Read more

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  10. Trevor Noah Mocks Hillary Clinton for Pandering to Millennials with Lena Dunham

    8:37 am 9/30/2015

    "If you can’t get excited, be pragmatic and do it anyway."Read more

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