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  1. Dinesh D'Souza's 'America' Marketing Targets Church Groups

    10:00 pm 6/19/2014

    Religious leaders will be provided video clips to show parishioners, including one of Ronald Reagan and another of George Washington fighting in the Revolutionary War.Read more

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  2. Bill Clinton to Introduce USA's Broadcast of 'Philadelphia' (Exclusive)

    1:58 pm 6/19/2014

    The former president will present a special message ahead of the network's airing of the 1993 Oscar-winning film this weekend.Read more

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  3. Fox News' Megyn Kelly Slams Dick Cheney: 'You Got It Wrong' on Iraq (Video)

    8:04 am 6/19/2014

    The anchor grills the former vice president after he publishes an op-ed blasting President Obama in The Wall Street Journal.Read more

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  4. Ron Paul to Make Acting Debut (Exclusive)

    8:00 am 6/19/2014

    Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Grover Norquist also are among the right-leaning personalities who will appear in the third installment of the movie trilogy based on Ayn Rand's novel, "Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?"Read more

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  5. Rupert Murdoch Pens Immigration Reform Op-Ed: 'Immigrants Enrich Our Culture'

    7:30 pm 6/18/2014

    The media mogul called on Congress to offer a path to citizenship for illegal aliens and remove caps on visas for highly-skilled workers.Read more

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  6. Study: TV Violence Linked to 'Mean World Syndrome'

    1:38 pm 6/18/2014

    Annenberg Public Policy Center researchers find evidence that "TV drama may transport viewers emotionally into the imagined world of TV shows in a way that creates fear of crime beyond the influence of the national violent crime rate."Read more

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  7. Jon Stewart Mocks Donald Trump-Rahm Emanuel Skyscraper Feud (Video)

    11:50 pm 6/17/2014

    The "Daily Show" host asks if the billionaire would consider sitting this fight out: "Just f—ing let it go."Read more

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  8. Dr. Oz Denies Endorsing 'Miracle' Drugs at Combative Senate Hearing

    4:40 pm 6/17/2014

    The TV star says companies take his words without his permission: "I recognize that my enthusiastic language has made the problem worse at times."Read more

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  9. 'We Are Many': Sheffield Review

    4:35 pm 6/17/2014

    An all-star cast of artists, activists and politicians remember the mass global protests against the Iraq war in this polished documentary.Read more

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  10. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Ramps Ups Social Media Campaign to Win Lucas Museum

    12:28 pm 6/17/2014

    Garcetti on Tuesday urged supporters to join the crowd speak network Thunderclap to urge George Lucas to build his cultural arts museum in Los Angeles.Read more

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