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  1. Donald Trump's Ex-Girlfriend Sticks up for Him After Scathing New York Times Piece

    7:22 am 5/16/2016

    "He never made me feel like I was being demeaned in any way,” Rowanne Brewer Lane, who was featured in the Times' piece, said of the real estate mogul turned presumptive GOP presidential nominee.Read more

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  2. John Oliver Invites Donald Trump's "John Miller" to Appear on 'Last Week Tonight'

    6:29 am 5/16/2016

    "To be clear, this is not an invitation to Donald Trump, who has never and will never be invited here for an interview," the comedian stresses. Read more

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  3. Phil Robertson Sounds off on Miley Cyrus, Transgender Bathrooms And Hollywood "Sinners," Backs Donald Trump

    6:00 am 5/16/2016

    "We’re killing babies in their mother’s womb now," the A&E star tells THR. "You were in your mother’s womb, dude. If someone went in there and threw this future reporter away, you wouldn’t be talking to me, so give me a break."Read more

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  4. Donald Trump Attends Daughter Tiffany's College Graduation in Pennsylvania

    5:24 pm 5/15/2016

    Joe Biden also was there supporting his granddaughter Naomi.Read more

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  5. Miss Universe Contestants and Former Colleagues on Donald Trump’s "Dismissive," "Creepy" Treatment of Women

    8:29 am 5/14/2016

    “He said: ‘I know you’re a woman in a man’s world. And while men tend to be better than women, a good woman is better than 10 good men.’ … He thought he was really complimenting me.”Read more

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  6. John Stossel Talks Media Bias, Donald Trump and His Return to TV After Cancer Treatment

    4:22 pm 5/13/2016

    The newsman's show 'Stossel' is back on Fox Business Network on Friday. Read more

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  7. Donald Trump on His Tax Rate: "It's None of Your Business"

    7:25 am 5/13/2016

    "I have tried very hard to pay as little tax as possible," the presidential candidate says. Read more

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  8. Megyn Kelly Says It Wasn't Easy Holding Her Tongue During Donald Trump Attacks

    7:46 am 5/12/2016

    "I just always felt that taking the high road was the better course," the Fox News host says. Read more

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  9. Jimmy Kimmel Gets Unsuspecting Passersby to Weigh In on Faux Donald Trump VP Picks

    6:42 am 5/12/2016

    "I think it's the biggest joke that ever happened in the entire country, in history," one man says of a fake Gary Busey pick. Read more

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  10. Donald Trump to Kick Off Fundraising Blitz in Los Angeles

    4:47 pm 5/11/2016

    It's not known which Hollywood celebrities, if any, will attend a May 25 dinner, the first of about 50 similar events designed to raise $1 billion for the presumptive GOP nominee.Read more

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