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  1. Jon Voight Endorses Donald Trump for President

    11:22 am 3/9/2016

    "He’s a patriot, and the people are responding because they know it’s exactly what has to happen," says the Oscar-winning actor. Read more

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  2. How 'House of Cards' Parallels the 2016 Election Season

    3:21 pm 3/8/2016

    The KKK isn't the only connection between the Underwood saga and the real-life race to the White House. Read more

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  3. Why Novelist Anne Rice Went From 'Vampire Chronicles' to Jesus Christ Story (Guest Column)

    1:55 pm 3/7/2016

    A film based on her book 'Christ Our Lord: Out of Egypt' hits theaters on March 11.Read more

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  4. Dinesh D'Souza's Hillary Clinton Film to Show Democrats' "Hypocrisy," Producer Says

    12:40 pm 3/7/2016

    Oscar-winning producer Gerald Molen says the doc aims to show "exactly where the Democratic party came from."Read more

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  5. John Oliver Jokes About Donald Trump's Privates: "A Cheeto With the Cheese Dust Rubbed off"

    6:09 am 3/7/2016

    The 'Last Week Tonight' host poked fun at the memorable comments during Thursday's GOP debate and had Morgan Fairchild read an excerpt from Ivana Trump's romance novel.Read more

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  6. Bernie Sanders Baby Look-alike Dies from SIDS

    2:21 am 3/4/2016

    Oliver Jack Carter Lomas-Davis gained fame after his mom posted photos of the infant greeting Sanders in a look-alike wig, glasses and tie.Read more

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  7. Kevin Spacey Compares Donald Trump's Candidacy to 1968 Race: "We've Seen This Before"

    4:00 pm 3/3/2016

    The TV president remains optimistic amid a divisive election season: "We generally get it right in the end."Read more

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  8. Sacha Baron Cohen's New Movie Gives Donald Trump AIDS

    2:50 pm 3/3/2016

    Sony, the studio hacked by the North Koreans when they objected to 'The Interview,' will release 'The Brothers Grimsby' on March 11.Read more

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  9. Donald Trump Blasts Mitt Romney; Chris Christie Says He's Not a "Hostage"

    12:18 pm 3/3/2016

    "I'll act presidential, but if someone hits me, I'm going to hit them back harder," the billionaire businessman says.Read more

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  10. Mitt Romney Calls Donald Trump a "Con Man" in Blistering Speech

    8:55 am 3/3/2016

    “If we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished," the 2012 Republican presidential candidate said in a speech carried live on the cable news networks.Read more

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