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  1. Senate Postpones Vote on Anti-Piracy Bill; MPAA Responds

    8:27 am 1/20/2012

    UPDATED: The Senate majority leader suspends action on controversial legislation to curb online pirates.Read more

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  2. MPAA Head Chris Dodd Calls for Meeting Between Hollywood, Tech Giants to Reach SOPA Compromise

    5:56 am 1/20/2012

    He calls the White House “the perfect place" to hammer out a deal to save the anti-piracy legislation.Read more

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  3. GOP Debate: Remaining Four Republican Presidential Candidates Oppose SOPA

    7:33 pm 1/19/2012

    Only Rick Santorum expressed an interest in cracking down on off-shore websites selling pirated goods.Read more

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  4. Hacktivist Group Anonymous Takes Down Government, Music Industry Websites

    4:14 pm 1/19/2012

    Following the shutdown of Megaupload, the collective retaliated by shutting down websites for the RIAA, MPAA and the Department of Justice, just to name a few.Read more

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  5. U.S. Authorities Shut Down Megaupload for Piracy

    2:16 pm 1/19/2012

    Justice department drops the hammer on Megaupload, arresting its leaders, seizing hundreds of millions of dollars in property and blasting the popular file-sharing website in a 72-page indictment.Read more

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  6. Jon Stewart Rips Apart SOPA And Its Sponsors (Video)

    1:10 pm 1/19/2012

    The comedy central host puts the Congressmen who are backing the Internet-regulatory bill on blasts for calling Internet experts "nerds" and not understanding their own bill. Read more

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  7. Neil Gaiman, Trent Reznor, Andy Samberg Slam SOPA, PIPA in Open Letter

    7:13 pm 1/18/2012

    Actor Aziz Ansari, musicians OK Go, Gaiman's wife Amanda Palmer and MGMT were also among those in Hollywood who signed their names to an open letter opposing the anti-piracy acts.Read more

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  8. Hollywood Moguls: No 'Obama Boycott' Over Piracy Stance

    5:07 pm 1/18/2012

    Fundraising events for Obama are still on, despite disappointment over SOPA, Hollywood supporters say. Read more

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  9. Support Diminishing for Anti-Piracy Bills SOPA, PIPA

    4:03 pm 1/18/2012

    Days after the White House said the president was no longer a supporter, congressmen are joining the opposition. Read more

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  10. Hollywood Guilds Release Statement of Support for SOPA on Day of 'Blackout' Protests

    2:46 pm 1/18/2012

    The DGA, AFTRA and SAG are among the groups to send a passionate letter in support of the anti-piracy legislation on the same day that Internet sites go dark to express opposition to the proposed law. Read more

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