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  1. Shane Smith on Launching Viceland: “We Want This to Be Different Than TV"

    6:00 am 2/3/2016

    "We’re revolutionizing media as we know it," says Smith about the programs (including 'F—, That’s Delicious') set to premiere on his upcoming cable channel.Read more

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  2. Shane Smith on Viceland: "We’re Trying Not to Be Shitty"

    6:00 am 2/3/2016

    "That’s sort of the mission statement for the brand," says Smith of his cable network launching Feb. 29.Read more

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  3. Vice CEO Shane Smith’s Plea for Media Companies: "Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?"

    6:00 am 2/3/2016

    Says Smith on Vice's days as the new up-and-comer, "We always saw ourselves as these outsiders in Williamsburg just trying to get through the day."Read more

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  4. Boone Isaacs and Hudson Answer Their Critics: "It's Not About Political Correctness"

    1:30 am 1/27/2016

    "We are the best of the best in the film industry. We don't feel that we have looked far and wide enough for the best of the best. It's not about political correctness, it's about building the best team, the best institution, the best artists."Read more

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  5. The Academy Chiefs Speak to Spike Lee and Will Smith's Reaction to The Oscars

    1:24 am 1/27/2016

    "Spike is Spike. He follows his own heart. This is a person we all know. He is faithful to himself, and he made a decision, which he came out with publicly, and it's his decision. But we are very proud of our relationship with Spike."Read more

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  6. "The Sequel is Always Bigger. We Knew We Were Going to Have to Speak to This Issue."

    1:15 am 1/27/2016

    Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs and CEO Dawn Hudson speak to THR's Janice Min about the second consecutive year of all white Oscar nominees.Read more

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  7. Brie Larson of 'Room': "I Want to Tell Universal Tales"

    8:30 am 1/20/2016

    "I've struggled watching films where people dressed well and seemed to have it together. ... I don't relate to that," says the Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee.Read more

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  8. Brie Larson's 20-Year Climb to Overnight Stardom: I'm "Totally Out of My Comfort Zone"

    6:40 pm 1/18/2016

    The Oscar nominee is Hollywood's fastest-rising actress since Jennifer Lawrence. Now, the intensely private star of 'Room' — whose breakout role drew interest from Emma Watson and Rooney Mara — is leaping from a $5 million budget movie to a $125 million one ('Kong: Skull Island').Read more

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  9. Watch THR's Full, Uncensored Actor Roundtable With Will Smith, Mark Ruffalo and More

    6:00 am 1/18/2016

    Will Smith and Mark Ruffalo join four other notable actors of the past year for The Hollywood Reporter's Actor Oscar Roundtable.Read more

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  10. Watch THR's Full, Uncensored Actress Roundtable With Jennifer Lawrence, Brie Larson and More

    7:30 am 1/11/2016

    Jennifer Lawrence and Brie Larson join six other notable actresses of the past year for The Hollywood Reporter's Actress Oscar Roundtable.Read more

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