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  1. Fandor Experimenting With 'Theatrical-Digital' Premiers (Exclusive)

    6:00 am 6/6/2011

    Website that streams independent, classic and foreign films will offer some titles online the day they hit theaters.Read more

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  2. NATO Takes Its Premium VOD Battle International

    9:41 am 6/1/2011

    President-CEO John Fithian warns at ShowCanada that the new VOD service could damage the film business in two significant ways.Read more

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  3. Chris Nolan, Jon Favreau Join Fight Against Premium VOD (Exclusive)

    7:00 am 6/1/2011

    The "Inception" and "Iron Man" directors are joined by Quentin Tarantino, M. Night Shyamalan and others in opposing DirecTV's Home Premiere offering, which lets customers watch a movie two months after its theatrical release. Read more

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  4. Lars Von Trier's Zentropa Launches VOD Site (Cannes)

    1:24 am 5/11/2011

    Venture launches May 18 and marks the first time an independent production company has set up its own on-demand platform.Read more

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  5. Exhibitor Cinemark Speaks out on Premium VOD

    6:16 am 5/5/2011

    CEO Alan Stock says films available in homes less than 90 days after their theatrical launch require his team to reevaluate how to promote and exhibit them, but says he is "confident that there is a viable solution."Read more

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  6. Jeff Bewkes: If Premium VOD Hurts Theatrical Business, 'We All Have to Rethink' It

    8:47 am 5/4/2011

    The Time Warner CEO also says he doesn't see a benefit in spinning off HBO and suggests few Netflix users have discontinued their pay TV subscriptions.Read more

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  7. NATO Calls for Release of Premium Video on Demand Data

    8:33 am 5/4/2011

    NATO asks studios participating in the early-to-the-home “premium” VOD experiment to release sales figures for the movies that have been offered on the platform.Read more

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  8. DirecTV Execs Talk Premium VOD, Streaming Video

    12:57 pm 4/28/2011

    "What we've got to do is continue to make ourselves a primary option for customers," says Derek Chang, executive vp, content strategy and development.Read more

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  9. Time Warner CEO Extends Olive Branch to Netflix, Theater Operators

    12:49 pm 4/27/2011

    Jeff Bewkes discusses at a Tribeca Fest forum how premium VOD may reduce piracy and how studios must work with all distribution partners, while saying he has "a fondness" for Netflix's subscription TV business model.Read more

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  10. Comcast Eyes Premium VOD Releases 6-8 Weeks After Theatrical Launch

    7:16 am 4/27/2011

    An executive from the largest U.S. cable operator says the company is still mulling details though, including pricing and when to launch. Read more

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