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Taylor Swift's 'Red': Track-By-Track

The Target edition includes three bonus studio tracks, and anyone who remembers how one extra number from the previous album’s deluxe edition -- “Ours” -- ultimately became a hit single knows these won’t necessarily be throwaways. Indeed, one of the new bonus songs, “The Moment I Knew,” is the most baldly confessional song on any version of the album.

“The Moment I Knew.” This sad lament is so overtly autobiographical and revealing, you half-wonder if Swift shunted it to bonus-track status just because that’s her nearest equivalent to keeping things private. It presumably describes her birthday party in December 2010, waiting for her notorious beau of the moment to show up… and letting the other party guests see her crying when it was clear he wouldn’t. It’s the closest thing to a “Dear John” here -- at least to the extent you can imagine her young fans reacting by going “Grrrrr, Gyllenhaal” -- and clearly was strong enough to make the main album, if it wouldn’t have tipped it too far over into melancholia.

“Come Back… Be Here.” Maybe this one didn’t make the main album by virtue of sounding a little like “Back to December” redux, though that’s hardly an inherently bad thing.

“Girl at Home.” The bounciest of the bonus disc’s three breakup songs defiantly informs a boyfriend who has a not-too-secret lover back in his home port that she intends to abandon her corner of the would-be love triangle. If this is really about One Direction’s Harry Styles, as rumored, it sounds like he got off pretty easy.

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