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17 Iconic Michael Jackson Shots in 'Love Never Felt So Good' with Justin Timberlake (Video)

"Beat It"

"Love Never Felt So Good" pulls out the pool tables to pay tribute to "Beat It," the 1983 video that features actual street gang members alongside professional dancers. After airing footage beginning at the 1:28-minute mark -- with Jackson in his red leather jacket -- the dancers are shown imitating the signature kicks and jacket-flashes atop the billiards tables. Watch the original video below:

"In The Closet"

The brief doorway-pose at the 1:39-minute mark comes from "In the Closet," the sepia-toned 1992 video that puts Jackson's hair in a ponytail as he dances with Naomi Campbell. Watch it below:

"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"

As Timberlake sings into the chorus into the camera at the 2:06-minute mark, Jackson's "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" plays in the background (but only faintly, as the two singers are never shown together clearly in a single frame). The 1979 features the singer in a tuxedo dancing in front of a special-effects screen, and then on a glass-covered stage with clones of himself. Watch the video below:

"Liberian Girl"

Timberlake is also shown singing in front of the closing shots of "Liberian Girl" -- the cameo-filled 1989 video that features Paula Abdul, Dan Aykroyd, Danny Glover, Steven Spielberg, John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and so many more. Again, all other famous faces are left out, as Jackson is shown in a red shirt and black tie, smiling from behind a production camera. Watch the video below:

"Another Part of Me"

The live music video of "Another Part of Me" gets its screen time beginning at the 2:57-minute mark, after the song's dance break. As Jackson travels the stage in a metallic white jacket, the "Love Never Felt So Good" dancers repeat the moves. Watch the video below:


Touting another signature red leather jacket, Jackson is shown at the 3:18-minute mark doing his signature knee-high, side-to-side kick from the elaborate and haunting 1983 14-minute music video for "Thriller" in front of a slew of monsters. Watch the original video below:


The 3:22-minute marks throw back to 1970, when the Jackson 5 visited The Ed Sullivan Show to perform "ABC." Jackson took the lead in a red shirt, a brown vest and a big smile. Watch a clip of the performance below:

"Blame It on the Boogie"

Timberlake is shown singing in front archival footage again, and at the 3:46-minute mark is a very quick shot of Jackson and his hair in the "Blame It on the Boogie" video. Watch it below:

"Blood on the Dance Floor"

"Love Never Felt So Good" closes with a super-cut of Jackson spinning in his various videos, kicking off with "Blood on the Dance Floor," and then "Smooth Criminal," "In the Closet," "Jam," "Billie Jean" and "Black or White," and interspersed with Timberlake's own rapid turn. It's the final juxtaposition of Jackson and Timberlake in the duet, but never are they shown actually dancing together, even when among the crowd -- a respectful decision that highlights the tribute approach to the video and possibly the entire album.

Watch the last featured video below:

Antonio "L.A." Reid, Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate and J-Roc updated eight of Jackson's completed tracks to form Xscape, released this past Tuesday. Produced by John McClain (co-executor of the Jackson estate), "Love Never Felt So Good" was written in 1983 in a session with Paul Anka and Kathy Wakefield. Though Johnny Mathis released a version in 1984, the latest rendition comes as the five-year anniversary of Jackson's 2009 death approaches on June 25.

Watch the full "Love Never Felt So Good" video below:

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