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1 years

Ben Affleck is Batman in 'Good Will Hunting: Recut' (Video)

Comedian Pete Holmes answers the question "What if Ben Affleck had been Batman earlier in his career?"

Ben Affleck Horizontal Two - H 2013
AP Images

Just when you thought it was safe to go online without running into a Ben Affleck Batman parody, here's a version of Good Will Hunting that inserts Batfleck into the Oscar-winning movie and makes it so, so much better.

It's the simplest of ideas, but what makes this video -- from the upcoming Pete Holmes Show on TBS -- work is the Affleck-as-Batman impression, which manages to include digs at Christian Bale and the Christopher Nolan movies as much as at Affleck himself.

Ben Affleck as Batman: Internet's 10 Best Memes

Clearly, that's the way to my Affleck Batman parody heart: Remind everyone that Batman movies have always been kind of weird and goofy. At least we'll probably be able to understand what Affleck's Batman is saying…