'Men in Black III' Set Photos (Pics)

See Will Smith and Josh Brolin in action in sci-fi sequel.

Time for your Men in Black III fix, as new photos from the sequel's Queens, New York set have emerged.

One of the stills shows black-suited Will Smith and Josh Brolin trailed by an outdoorsman in a field. In the second pic, the duo are spotted behind a pair of metal pods (along with a baseball cap-and-sunglass-wearing crew member).

Sony isn’t revealing too many details about the Barry Sonnenfeld-directed film, though it is known to feature a time-travel element, allowing Brolin to play a young Tommy Lee Jones and Alice Eve a young Emma Thompson, as the MIB agents try to save the world in 1969.

STORY: Why ‘Men in Black III’ Started Shooting Without a Script

Several iconic personalities from the time period are expected to be seen in the movie, paving the way for a series of cameos such as Bill Hader as Andy Warhol.

The project began shooting without a completed script, so we'll have to wait and see if the sci-fi pic makes more sense than....Men in Black II.

(Photos originally appeared on movieweb.)



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