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New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Details Revealed: The Kiss, Stunts And What to Expect From the Reboot

The stars of Sony Pictures new installment, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield discuss Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst comparisons and plot details at a press conference in Tokyo, Japan.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
Columbia Pictures

The Amazing Spider-Man may not open in the U.S. until July 3, but the publicity tour for Marc Webb's new film staring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone already is ramping up. 

The actors, along with their producers, Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, held a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, and discussed some major plot lines.

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Garfield admitted that he does feel a large amount of pressure taking on a role that is still so fresh in the public's mind. The last installment of Tobey Maguire's version hit theaters in 2007. 

"Not just because of the fact Tobey, Sam [Raimi] and Miss [Kirsten] Dunst did incredible work and honored the vision of Stan Lee, but actually because of the further history of the character," he said, adding, "Of Peter Parker, how he originated and all the original evolutions that he's ever gone through."

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But it's not something Garfield feels has gotten out of control. "I think if we didn't feel any pressure, we wouldn't be doing our jobs properly," he said. "It's an important, mythical, fictional figure, that I know is deeply, deeply important to me personally. I think a healthy amount of pressure is probably a positive thing."

Garfield also discussed the highly physical role. "I had about four months of training ... where I would exhaust myself every day and get into near-death experiences every hour, on the hour," he said. "It was just fantastic and terribly, terribly challenging." The actor admitted he had not one but three stunt doubles. 

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As for a worthy follow-up to the "iconic" upside-down kiss shared between Dunst's Mary Jane and Maguire's Peter Parker in the first Spider-Man, Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy, says there will be kissing, but it will be up to the viewers to decide its importance. 

"You don't wanna know, you wanna watch the movie and find out," Stone teased, adding, "It would be weird if we were like, 'Yes, there will be something iconic coming up.' You've gotta decide if it's iconic or not. There is a nice first kiss, I will say that, and it's different than the upside-down one." 

Then the actress, who is dating her co-star, added, "We liked it."

Watch the full presser below.