'Star Wars' Composer's Concert at the Hollywood Bowl Will Get a Lightsaber Salute

John Williams will perform his hit movie music tonight in Los Angeles.

Call it a sensation in the Force, but how else to explain the appearance of Hasbro’s Ultimate FX Lighsaber at Heat Vision offices, which are located in a lair near the LaBrea Tar Pits?

The lightsaber showed up a day before Heat Vision attends this evening’s John Williams: Maestro at the Movies concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

John Williams, in case you need a crash course, is the composer behind the music of such classics as Star Wars, Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws, and E.T. and this is his annual two-night appearance at the Bowl, which is Los Angeles’ under-the-stars venue.

In the past, Williams has saved the Star Wars-related themes towards the end, and when it occurs, the hillside amazingly lights up with red and blue and yellow as the geeky members of the audience -- those members that really love Star Wars and love Williams and are really secret Jedis -- unsheath their lightsabers, showing off their colors to the world. But only for that one song.

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Small companies have been creating high-end light sabers for a while, with most ranging from around $100 to $300. Hasbro had a collectible saber on the market for more than $100 but this one is cheaper, aimed at the mass market and (mostly) for kids. For example, the new lightsaber – available in Darth Vader red and Anakin Skywalker blue – has a smaller hilt and a short blade but still has the cool progressive light-up blade and snazzy sound-effects.

The lightsabers hit stores earlier this month and I’m sure will go nicely with the Star-Wars Blu-ray, which comes out September 16.

Anyway, it looks like Heat Vision will be joining the Jedis at the Bowl. Who’s with us?

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