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THR's Power Business Managers 2012

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    Brad Ross | Bemel, Ross & Klein
    Courtesy of Subject
    Brad Ross
    Bemel Ross & Klein

    Brad Ross, whose clients include Matt LeBlanc and directors Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, prefers conservative investments. “Our goal is to beat inflation by a couple of points,” he says, adding that real estate is a popular purchase. Still, he’ll “take a flier” when clients are passionate, as when one tried to take advantage of the energy beverage craze by creating a “relaxing drink” or when another tried to create a customized disaster-supplies business.

    He also has been known to help clients acquire and insure collectibles including antique pens, first-edition books, rare coins and even some Andy Warhol paintings one client obtained from the artist himself. Says Ross, “Our motto: Live for today while you plan for tomorrow.”

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