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The Hollywood Reporter Unveils Comedy Class of 2013

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    Comedy Issue
    Chelsea Handler
    Chelsea Handler
    TV's Raunchiest Den Mother

    Handler, 38, offers her E! viewers snarky analysis of tabloid personalities and way too much information about her sex life. She's also free with her support of her team, who have multiple books, reality TV gigs and comedy tours among them. Chelsea Lately writer-producer Heather McDonald -- best-selling author of You'll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again and My Inappropriate Life -- shares her gratitude:

    PHOTOS: The Evolution of Chelsea Handler

    Dear Chelsea,

    I want to thank you for all the opportunities you have given me: from hiring me as staff writer on Chelsea Lately, to having me appear in sketches as well as on the roundtable, to opening for you at sold-out theaters and arenas, all the way to introducing me to your book agent and thus securing me two book deals.

    In turn, I've never fought back when you gave me the nickname "Long Boobs" (even though my boobs aren't long) or when you referred to my camel toe (even though I in fact do suffer from camel toe-itis) or when you pointed out to the world that I have a flat ass (even though yours might be flatter). You've made fun of my politics, religion and my choice of a husband; but in your defense, we've done 1,100 shows, and some days it comes down to making fun of Lindsay Lohan for the 400th time or Heather McDonald for the 350th time -- and I'm flattered to be in such illustrious company.

    The best part about you is that you only make fun of those you love, so please don't ever stop making fun of me. Because of you, I've developed a thicker skin, the skin that covers my not-long boobs, and I don't mean to brag, but my "vagina armpit" is in talks to get its own Twitter account.

    Thanks to you, I no longer cry at work, unless it's tears of laughter or joy -- which, due to the awesome work environment you've created, happens quite often.

    Chelsea, for a mean girl, you're pretty freaking nice.

    Love, Heather

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