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THR's 2012 Digital Power 50

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    whole foods parking lot
    David Wittman
    From Whole Foods Parking Lot to Madison Ave.

    Mocking L.A. life's mundanities has become David Wittman's calling card. The film and commercial music scorer made a name for himself last summer when his cheeky DIY video "Whole Foods Parking Lot" went viral (sample rhyme: "I'm riding slow in my Prius/All-leather, tinted windows, you can't see us/Everybody's trying to park you can feel the tension/I'm in electric mode, can't even hear the engine"). He recently debuted a follow-up called "Yoga Girl," also shot partly guerrilla-style in heavily trafficked locations near his Santa Monica home such as Urth Caffe, which includes the rap, "Your aura's glowin' your tarea steady flowin'/I signed you up for my newsletter without you knowin'."

    Why another jab at yuppiedom? "The yoga folks are a trip," Wittman, 37, tells THR. "They're these caffeinated rich girls showing up in BMWs, finishing their lattes, double-parking, being mean on their cell phones -- then they run into this yoga class and all of a sudden they're centered and spiritual. It's basically the irony of Westside culture."

    And now the East is calling, with Madison Avenue enlisting the Bay Area native and his Fog and Smog collective to write and star in a Hyundai ad -- though he's not giving up his day job just yet. "The idea is, let's do something where there are no boundaries, and we can really collectivize and see what comes of it -- that's the path we're on," he says. "It's an amazing time because with YouTube you can get stuff out and connect quickly, but it's also a slippery slope because if you turn it into a job, then it may lose some of what makes it fun."

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