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TV's Top 50 Showrunners 2010

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    Criminal Minds
    Ed Bernero
    "Criminal Minds" (CBS)

    Bernero's grisly procedural soared past 100 episodes this season and prompted a spinoff, "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior," launching in the fall. But the new show hasn't increased the workload for the former Chicago cop. "I mean, I get paid for it," he says. "But Chris Mundy is running it and all the credit goes to him." 

    Favorite TV Moment: An episode of "St. Elsewhere" in which the wife of Dr. Morrison (David Morse) is killed in a car crash. "Her heart is transplanted into an old man and the last image of that show is him putting his stethoscope to the guy's chest and listening to her heart beat." 

    Big Break: Connecting with Geoff Harris, then a vp in charge of writer development at NBC. "An acquaintance of mine in Chicago was working as a driver and picked him up for a speaking engagement at Northwestern University and gave him one of my feature scripts." Harris helped Bernero land an agent, leading to freelance assignments on "F/X: The Series" and "NYPD Blue" and, eventually, a staff position on "Brooklyn South."


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