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Hollywood's 20 Masters of Horror: The Twisted Talents Raising the Most Hell

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    Eli Roth - H - 2013
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    Eli Roth
    The Torture Tyrant

    Fortunately, Roth likes dead things. “When I wrote Cabin Fever in 1995, people kept telling me horror is a dead genre, no one wants to see it, there’s no market for it,” recalls the maestro of torture. “My reply was, ‘Shitty movies are dead.’ ”

    Roth, now 41, persisted and eventually raised the $1.5 million to shoot the flesh-dripping spectacle. The film marked Lionsgate’s first R-rated wide release in the genre, earning a surprise $31 million worldwide and helping pave the way for the studio’s Saw franchise.

    Today, Roth’s directing credits also include Hostel, Hostel: Part II and the upcoming cannibal pic The Green Inferno, which will receive a wide release from Open Road. On the producing front, his biggest hit is 2010’s The Last Exorcism, which cost $1.8 million and earned $68 million worldwide. And in June, his Netflix horror series Hemlock Grove was renewed for a second season.

    As for what’s left to accomplish, Roth is dying to work with Paul Giamatti. “I would love to write a part for Paul that becomes one of those performances like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, where he goes to the point of total and complete insanity.” Scarier things have happened.

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