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THR's Power Business Managers 2012

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    Evan Bell Headshot - P 2012
    Evan Bell
    Bell & Co.

    Even when he’s at a Hollywood movie premiere and mixing it up with big-name stars, Evan Bell — with his big brown hair and bushy mustache — stands out.

    He spent time doing accounting work for large corporations before he got bored. So now he shuttles back and forth between the home office in New York and Los Angeles, working with
    a diverse group of entertainers from such older media types as Bill O’Reilly and Marv Albert to younger ones such as Amanda Seyfried and Steven Soderbergh.

    One of the toughest aspects of working with celebrities? “Honestly, it’s like pulling teeth to get them to look at a portfolio,” he says. On the other hand, his phone will ring off the hook any time the stock market has a particularly rough day. When that happens, he simply tells clients, “Go home and take a cold shower.”

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