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Power Lawyers 2012

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    Power Lawers 2012
    Harold Brown
    Gang Tyre Ramer Brown

    Brown entered Steven Spielberg's life when the filmmaker was negotiating with Universal to make E.T. The lawyer, whose mother also practiced with his firm, has worked there since 1976 and admits to sometimes living vicariously through his clients. "There are a few times where I can honestly say to myself in the mirror, 'I really changed that person's life,' " he says. This year, Brown helped Robert Zemeckis make his return to live-action movies with December's Denzel Washington drama Flight, inked a bunch of deals for Dwayne Johnson, extended Craig Ferguson's deal with CBS and helped director George Miller set up Fury Road, the fourth installment of the Mad Max franchise.

    Worst thing ever said to me "I had a guy who, after lying to me three times, said to me, 'You can't blame me for trying.' Well, actually, I can!"

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