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TV's Top 50 Showrunners 2010

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    Desperate Housewives
    Marc Cherry
    "Desperate Housewives" (ABC)

    The one-time "Golden Girls" staff writer has hinted that he'll leave Wisteria Lane after next season, the show's seventh. But until then, Cherry is welcoming Season 1 cast members Mark Moses (Paul) and Harriet Samson Harris (Felicia) back to the show. "We're having some fun and returning to our roots," he says. 

    Favorite TV Moment: Alfre Woodard's performance as a woman whose son is accidentally shot by a cop on a 1983 episode of "Hill Street Blues." 

    Big Break: Cherry's first agent, Marcie Wright, was arrested for embezzlement, forcing him to find new reps for his dramedy about suburban housewives. "I was very worried," he recalls, "because that was about the best I could write." New agents Andy Patman and Debbee Klein at Paradigm changed strategies: " 'We need to offer it to the drama side but tell everybody that there's comedy in it,' " Cherry recalls. "All it took was that one little change in packaging." 

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