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Hollywood's 20 Masters of Horror: The Twisted Talents Raising the Most Hell

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    Rob Zombie
    The Horror Hyphenate

    Even before embarking on his second career as a filmmaker, Zombie has had an impact on horror cinema during the past two decades, as music from White Zombie and his solo work have been a natural fit for such films as Bride of Chucky, The Covenant and End of Days.

    So when the rocker — born Robert Cummings in Massachusetts 48 years ago — picked up a camera for his first feature, Lionsgate’s House of 1000 Corpses (2003), it should come as no shock that the twisted slasher pic and its sequel, 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects, became cult hits. Zombie even received John Carpenter’s blessing to remake Halloween for Dimension in 2007, and it became the franchise’s highest-earning installment, bringing in $80.3 million worldwide.

    For his most recent feature, 2012’s wickedly witchy The Lords of Salem, he returned to low-budget filmmaking (and partnered with producer Jason Blum) in order to make a “weirder, artsier film. When things are weird, you can do whatever,” says Zombie. “I don’t like feeling like I always have to deliver something just like this.”

    Which might explain the writer-director’s next project, Broad Street Bullies, whose subjects are neither witches nor serial killers but the Stanley Cup-winning 1974 Philadelphia Flyers. “I like the human element more than the blood and guts,” says Zombie — perhaps, by his definition, the weirdest statement he’s ever made.

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