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TV's Top 50 Showrunners 2010

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    Shawn Ryan
    "Terriers" (FX), "Ride-Along" (Fox)

    Ryan admits he is a glutton for punishment. "Terriers" kicks off this month, while a second new show, "Ride-Along," arrives in February. That's on the heels of his 2009-10 "Lie To Me" showrunning stint, before which he was doing double duty penning notes for "The Shield" while running "The Unit." "I'm OK if I'm doing two shows that use different parts of my brain," he jokes.

    Favorite TV Moment: "Watching the pilot episode of 'Cheers.' I was a teenager at the time and I remember sitting in my living room -- and it was the first time I realized that people actually wrote this show, and they're better than any writers on any other shows. It inspired me to start writing a few years later."

    Big Break: "Kevin Reilly and Peter Liguori, who were running FX, had no business trusting me with 'Unit.' I asked Kevin years later why he had that confidence and he said it was just a gut feeling."

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