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THR's Women in Entertainment 2012: Power 100

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    Stacey Snider
    Partner, co-chairman and CEO, DreamWorks Studios

    This summer, rumors swirled that Snider was in talks with Comcast to take over Universal. Although those discussions broke down, Snider shored up the standing of the 80-person DreamWorks by extending financing with backer Reliance, which committed another $200 million-plus, allowing Snider, 51, and partner Steven Spielberg to make 8 to 10 movies over the next several years. It was a disappointing year at the box office for DreamWorks -- People Like Us bombed with $12.4 million. However, Snider and the studio are ending on a high note: Spielberg's awards darling Lincoln has turned into an event movie for adults, earning north of $85 million to date.

    Moment I knew I wanted to work in the business: I was in law school, and to make money I wrote briefs for a law firm and coverage of scripts for an agency [APA]. I made $50 a script. There was something about those first couple synopses. … I felt thrilled.

    Who gave me my first big break: The University of Pennsylvania alumni connection. I reached out to a lot of alums, including producer Bob Cort, who sent me to Tom Pollock, who said I should be an agent. I applied at CAA and Triad, and I got the job in the mailroom at Triad.

    Most exciting decision we've made as a company this year: Going into business with Mister Smith, David Garrett's new company, which is allowing DreamWorks to make output deals with European distributors.

    When I leave work each day, I can't wait to: See my family and get comfortable. I could set a land-speed record for getting out of my clothes and into sweats, Uggs and a ponytail.

    My indulgence: Sugar. Every morning I swear off it, and every night I have Oreos.

    Can't get through my work day without: Tea, hot. Working-class PG Tips.

    Most surprising songs on my iPod: Blue Valentine soundtrack.

    My proudest moment this year: Seeing Lincoln. And I was proud that last year we had two best picture noms.

    Totally starstruck around: Steven Spielberg. He's one of the only people in my life where the experience doesn't get old.

    Best advice I've ever gotten: From Peter Guber: "The material will determine your fate."

    Top three shows on my DVR: The Daily Show, The Rachel Maddow Show and Homeland.

    Embarrassed to admit I watch: Any Dateline true-crime specials that start with, "She was a good-time girl …"

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