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The Hollywood Reporter's 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in L.A.

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    Trip Haenisch - H 2012
    Trip Haenisch
    Clients: Courteney Cox, Hank Azaria, WME co-CEO Patrick Whitesell, Aaron Sorkin.

    Walk through a space designed by Trip Haenisch, and you won’t just envy the owners their home, you’ll covet their lifestyle. The seamless mix of texture, shape and color speaks to an existence that will seem lighter, brighter and cooler than your own — all while feeling perfectly natural and unforced. “I once traveled with a famous costume designer who took forever to get ready. When he emerged, he looked fantastic but like he’d done very little,” says Haenisch. “Designing a room is like that — nothing should look like hard work. Your things need to look collected, like they organically came together.”

    A Midwestern import, Haenisch is an ardent fan of West Coast weather, and his designs’ signature airiness stems from his ability to bring the outside in. “California outdoor living is fun — fire pits are sexy — and I love to connect the two worlds,” he says. An important accent to this overall naturalness is the introduction of color in artful ways such as prints, photography and type. “Photography is a great way to bring power to a room. I love to pick art for clients, because bad art is very difficult to work with,” admits Haenisch.

    Current obsession: “Covering things with the fabric they use to make teddy bears. At home, I’ve covered a Royere sofa with it and you melt into it, you never want to get up.”

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