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Women in Entertainment 2009

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In a year fraught with corporate challenges, two women have steered their respective ships with unparaelleled skill and assurance.  Once can take credit for a record performance on the film side; the other, for a television business of unrivaled global influence.

The editors of The Hollywood Reporter considered the following factors in determining this year's Power 100 rankings:

  1. Achievements in 2009: Boxoffice, television ratings or dollars generated
  2. Overall authority:  How much clout the individual has within her company, how many divisions/employees she oversees and how much influence her company has in Hollywood.
  3. Greenlight power:  Ability to get a project made, or proximity to the person who can make it.
  4. Standing: The invidual's reputation within the community at large.

Note: This list looks primarily at women who influence Hollywood in the film and television arena and does not include international power players or those in other areas of entertainment such as music or publishing.

Items 61-70
  1. 61 Leah Weil

    Senior executive vp and general counsel, Sony Pictures Entertainment read more

  2. 62 Jennifer Rudolph Walsh

    Executive vp/co-head of worldwide literary department, WME read more

  3. 63 Maren Christensen

    Executive vp and general counsel, Universal Studios read more

  4. 64 Nancy Josephson

    Partner, WME read more

  5. 65 Claudia Lewis

    President of production, Fox Searchlight read more

  6. 66 Sharon Sheinwold

    Partner, WME read more

  7. 67 Rebecca Prentice

    Executive vp and general counsel, Paramount Pictures read more

  8. 68 Bernardine Brandis

    Executive vp, business and legal affairs, Walt Disney Studiosread more

  9. 69 Sonya Rosenfeld

    Television agent, CAA read more

  10. 70 Roberta Reardon

    National President, AFTRA read more

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