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'Amazing Race' Season 21 Winners Reveal How They'll Spend the $1 Million Prize

Jaymes and James (second place):

THR: How disappointing was it to come in second?

James: It was really disappointing that we didn't get the million dollars and be able to take care of our families. At the same time, we are proud of what we accomplished in the race. We were almost eliminated in the first leg with the abacus lady, to be in the final three and come in second in the race, it was bittersweet.

Jaymes: We are proud of ourselves, like anything in life, you celebrate a silver medal. I gave James a silver medal last night. It was a second-place world-champion medal if you ask me. It was adventure for ourselves, but I feel selfish because the money was meant to be for our families, and we got the adventure for ourselves but nothing for our families. It's heartbreaking.

James: It's hard because it was so close and came down to mere minutes. We wanted it so bad and could taste. It made it even more heartrending when we found out how close we were to reaching our goal and getting that million to take care of our families.

Jaymes: Everything happens for a reason. Josh and Brent were supposed to win and we were supposed to come in second. Something will come along that will help us take better care of our families.

THR: Jaymes, how is your dad doing?

Jaymes: He's a fighter and has a new batch of treatment, chemo and radiation, and he's fighting to prove that you can make incurable cancer provable. I get a lot of my attitude from my dad. He's always positive and has a smile on his face and is hopeful and optimistic. If anybody can beat incurable cancer, it's my dad. He taught me to fight and he'll beat it just to say, "I told you so." We set up a website, forgetcancernow.com, to help with expenses. I work two jobs right now to help him. My goal in going on the race was to help him, and six months ago it wasn't even this scary. He needs support and help and money and prayers and love.

THR: James, how did your mom react when she found out she was getting a new car? [The duo won two cars in the penultimate leg.]

James: I know she was watching last night and from all accounts I heard, she almost fainted with excitement. My mother currently doesn't have a vehicle and had never had a new vehicle in her life. I'm excited to get the keys and personally give it to her. I can't wait to see the expression on her face. She might actually do a back flip.

Jaymes: I let my parents know my cars is theirs. There's a 2013 Ford Escape for sale right now, brand new, with an amazing kick-trunk. We're selling the trip to Costa Rica too [to help with medical expenses].

THR: Do you still work for the Chippendales?

Jaymes: We did not lose our jobs.

James: They have been extremely supportive of us and took care of all our race gear.

Jaymes: We were concerned about how we would buy our clothes and backpacks, and they bought them for us. They also gave us our own billboards in town. I never thought I'd move to Vegas and have my own billboard, and now there's 20 of them around Vegas. It's so cool.

James: The theater has been sold out, and there are kids waiting outside who are underage and couldn't come in but are fans of the show.

THR: Would you do the race again?

Jaymes: Hell, yes.

James: At the drop of a hat.

Jaymes: Right now, I wouldn't leave the country because of my dad. ... But if given the chance again with my dad happy and healthy, hell yes I'd go. I'd try to figure out a way to bring my dad with me -- put him in my backpack.

THR: What was your favorite part of the race?

Jaymes: It was something new and exciting every day. It was unpredictable.

James: Even in the low points that were tough, even those were exhilarating in a sense because because of the adventure and you were challenged in a way you never thought you'd bee. There was a sense of self-discovery in those crazy situations. The whole thing from start to finish, even if you had a million dollars of your own, you couldn't duplicate the experience or replicate the level of intensity.

Jaymes: I just got an email from the vice president of the Chippendales saying, "I want to make a contribution in your dad's honor. You did great on the race."

THR: That's amazing! You must be very touched.

Jaymes: There are all kinds of warm fuzzies going on right now.

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