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'Amazing Race' Season 21 Winners Reveal How They'll Spend the $1 Million Prize

Trey and Lexi (third place):

THR: How disappointed were you to come in third?

Lexi: It was definitely hard on the heart for sure. Especially in that last leg, we were just doing so good and had so much momentum. Seeing Trey hoisted up 15 stories high by his ankle in a straitjacket and overcoming his enormous fear of heights was the most rewarding part of the race. I've never been so proud of someone in my entire life. Me walking into that last challenge and not being able to finish was very frustrating. I just wanted it for me and I wanted it for Trey and for us as a couple. This was very mental and it came down to a math challenge and unfortunately I couldn't do it.

THR: Have you overcome your fear of heights?

Trey: Definitely not. It might have increased a little bit, honestly.

THR: What was your reaction when you saw the Beekmans finish the race first?

Trey: We were happy for anybody who won. They stuck around and gave it their all. We don't hold grudges. Just because we lost doesn't mean we can't be happy for them.

Lexi: For sure, the Race is one big family, especially the final teams that are in it. You're mentally and phsycially exhausted and kind of cling to each other. They performed better than we did, and hats off to them.

THR: Why did you write down the clue at Coney Island? Did you realized it might have helped one of the other teams?

Lexi: Trey couldn't hear me. I said, "I see the clue and know what it says. Don't make any sudden movements." He kept asking, "What are you doing? What are you writing down?" I'm like, "Come on, dude!" The pressure was so high, especially the last leg, you're fighting for a million dollars, and every single second of the final leg is crucial.

THR: Why did you try out for the show?

Trey: It's really because Lexi is such a huge fan of the show. When we started dating, I started watching it. We went to an open audition ... and stood in line for four hours. They put microphones on us and put on on camera for a minute and we had to sell ourselves. We are very happy and grateful. We had never traveled outside the country, and we learned so many things. I couldn't ask for a better time.

THR: Have you taken the "next step" in your relationship yet?

Trey: I've been telling Lexi for a long time I want to marry her. I graduated in May, and I need to get a lot. I want to be able to support her and give her what she needs and buy her the ring she deserves. Sooner than later, I keep saying.

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