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'Amazing Race' Season 21 Winners Reveal How They'll Spend the $1 Million Prize

Natalie and Nadiya (fourth place):

THR: Where do you think it all went wrong?

Nadiya: [Getting the wrong directions to the pit stop] was the straw that broke the camel's back. We drove in the completely wrong direction for 45 minutes. But the whole day, we couldn't get it together.

Natalie: We only have ourselves to blame.

THR: The Beekmans weren't in your alliance. How did you feel when you realized they had won?

Natalie: It was a weird sensation at the finish line when we were waiting for the teams. We were completely clueless about what was going on. When they ran in there, I didn't expect to be so happy. They took our spot in the final three and at least they won it. They beat us fair and square

THR: Why was there such a rivalry between you two and Abbie and Ryan?

Nadiya: It was strictly professional. In New York, after everything was said and done ... we shook hands and said it was all about business and moved forward. Seeing the Beekmans win brought us all together. It was all part of the race and that was it. It was nothing personal.

Natalie: Also we bonded during the course of the race because they got a lot of backlash and we were all targeted as cutthroat. There was an animosity we shared during the race -- talking smack. We took it and dealt it. It was a fun relationship and everyone enjoyed the competition aspect.

THR: A lot was made about the fact that you kept James and Abba's money with Trey and Lexi when you found it. Do you regret that?

Nadiya: We have no regrets about keeping the money. We found the money on the ground; it was not stealing. We didn't know whose it was; we thought it might be the rockers, the monster truckers, Abbie and Ryan -- all of which we had no alliance or relationship with.

Natalie: Nobody came forward and said anything about lost money. As a team and competitor, it's not my responsibility to go around and ask the teams if it was theirs. Nobody stepped forward and said anything about it. Maybe things would have changed if someone had come forward.

THR: Why did you try out for The Amazing Race?

Nadiya: Our entire lives, people have told us, "You need to do reality TV." The Amazing Race was the only one we ever considering because you need to bring skills and talent, and we could use some of our crazy aspects to our advantage as well.

THR: Would you compete again if asked back?

In unison: Hell yes!