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'Bachelorette: Men Tell All': 10 Things You Didn't See on TV

8. Chris Harrison suggested that Zak try out for American Idol.

The recently ousted suitor sang a song that he wrote for Desiree on the special.

What viewers didn't see: Harrison told Zak, "You're pretty damn good. Next season on American Idol …" Replied Zak: "I'm too old!"

9. None of the former suitors thinks Drew is the best match for Desiree.

It's down to three men, but the castmembers think one of them isn't the right fit for our Bachelorette.

What viewers didn't see: Harrison took a poll of the booted guys to see who they thought is the best fit for Desiree. A handful of guys raised their hands for Brooks. Said Kasey: "Brooks got the first date, and I saw how she acted around him after that first date even when he would just walk in the room, and I could just tell there was something there. Brooks had the strongest connection -- at least whenever I left." Some others felt that Chris was the best match: "I didn't see Brooks reciprocating the feelings that Desiree showed to Brooks. On the other hand, Chris put his heart out there, from the early stages." Asked if anyone believed that Drew was the best fit for her, none of the guys replied yes. Said James: "Drew just doesn't represent for me a full-package man. … [But] I have a biased opinion of him now that things have happened." Added Juan Pablo: "Drew to me is forcing it too much, while with Brooks and Chris and Zak it's more natural."

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10. Bryden and Will did speak.

Bryden Vukasin and Will Reese were mostly invisible during the special, but they did speak during the taping.

What viewers didn't see: Bryden, who voluntarily left the show before getting the boot, weighed in on those who might not have been there for the "right reasons." He argued that it wasn't fair to the other competitors to stick around. "I personally took myself out of the game … when I realized it probably wasn't going to work for me," he said. "It wasn't fair to take that time from other people." And Will echoed those sentiments while the group was debating Brian: "I definitely would have had more time with her if he had not done that. I really don't understand his intentions. What is the endgame? Who wins in that situation? Desiree doesn't win, his girlfriend doesn't win. I don't understand how he wins."

The Bachelorette airs at 8 p.m. Mondays on ABC.