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Bill Maher Donates $1 Million to Obama SuperPac (Video)

The HBO host said the donation was a surprise to Yahoo! which was broadcasting his live performance from San Jose.

The coffers of President Barack Obama’s SuperPac grew $1 million fuller Thursday, thanks to an oversized check from comedian Bill Maher.

During a live performance of StupidCrazyPolitics at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts in San Jose, Calif., Maher presented a check for $1 million to Priorities USA Action, which spends money in support of the president’s reelection campaign.

Afterwards, Maher tweeted that the donation had been a surprise to Yahoo! Which broadcast the show.

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“Most important advice I ever got in show business, as true today as then: always bring ur wallet onstage,” Maher tweeted.

Obama’s SuperPac has raised just under $4.5 million, according to an analysis by OpenSecrets.org, but that’s not counting Maher’s donation.

Maher, of course, is not the only comedian making SuperPac headlines. Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert's SuperPac, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow has raised a little over $1 million, about $200 thousand of which has been spent on ads lampooning Republican presidential candidates.