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'Daily Show,' Colbert Take on Paul Ryan VP Selection (Video)

The Comedy Central late night duo skewered GOP candidate Mitt Romney's selection, though the press received much of the fire.

Stephen Colbert Paul Ryan Screengrab - H 2012
Comedy Central

Because Mitt Romney announced that Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan would be his running mate on Saturday, the media had nearly three whole days to embrace and frame the decision before Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert could blow up the entire enterprise. 

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Before Stewart got to interviewing Cosmopolis star Robert Pattinson, he zeroed in on a mix of trivial and big issue concerns with the nomination. On the lighter side was his mocking of the outrageously long staircases on the USS Wisconsin, the naval ship on which Romney introduced Ryan; more seriously, Stewart took issue with how pundits praised Ryan's entrance as a sign of substance's belated arrival in the political debate. Why, he wondered, couldn't the media have made the election coverage about substance before? And, given the vapid clips he showed, were they really delivering on that new promise of meaningful dialogue?

Hint: the answer to that last question was no; discussion of hunting, sandwiches and workouts made that impossible. But at least viewers got to see Joe Biden photoshopped into various snuggie derivatives.

As for Colbert, he also led with Ryan ahead of a special occasion: his very own music festival, the very pronouncable StePhest Colbchella. 

The satirical conservative pundit started off with a dig at Romney's introduction of Ryan as "the next President of the United States," and then, switching targets to the media, its overuse of the word "bold" to describe Ryan. From there, it was an attack on his budget, complete with entizzlements, marauding seniors, and, well, a resemblance to SNL's "Ambiguously Gay Duo."