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'Daily Show' Embraces 'Twilight' in Teen-Friendly Political Analysis (Video)

After Robert Pattinson visited the show on Monday, Jon Stewart and co. decided to work some vampire fantasy into Tuesday's show.

Jon Stewart Edward Cullen Screengrab - H 2012
Comedy Central

The Daily Show got a little taste of the Twilight ratings bump, and it just couldn't help but go back for more.

In response to the huge interest in the show's big Robert Pattinson interview, host Jon Stewart decided to make his Tuesday episode correspond to the teen vampire saga's mythology. Some parts were easier to correlate than others.

"Two men battle in this election, one of them belonging to a very old, pale clan of ancient bloodsuckers," Stewart said, "the other a wild young and diverse, feral group of incoherent people."

(He was talking about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama).

After taking on GOP VP pick Paul Ryan for budget-busting votes, the show got even more Twi-tastic, as comedian and correspondent John Hodgman arrived on the scene to defend Twilight -- kind of, anyway.

Speaking of the vampires in the saga, Hodgman described them, longingly, as "young, sexy, shirtless... and when the sunlight hits them, they sparkle." Stewart, for his part, wasn't impressed, though he had to hold back his detest -- no way would he want to endanger that new demographic he's attracting.