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'Daily Show' Returns, Surveys Sandy's Wake for Laughs (Video)

After two nights off the air, the Jon Stewart-hosted show tried to make sense of the hurricane's wreckage, and finding laughs where they could.

Jon Stewart Headshot - P 2012
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Sidelined by a natural disaster for two days, The Daily Show returned with a new live episode on Wednesday, rearing to go and... praise a government relief agency and high-level bipartisanship?

Hurricane Sandy really has twisted up things in New York City.

Jon Stewart sent out his crack news team to examine the damage around the city -- which has been cleaved between the haves and have nots (or, even more so than normal), separated by sparks on the power grid.

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In the next segment, Stewart issued a shoutout to all the emergency workers sacrificing their time and potential safety to rescue those without power and under water, but the blue collar gratitude wasn't new or unexpected. It was his kind words for public officials that astounded, in "The Daily Show Tribute to Insitutional Competence."

"Mayor Bloomberg kicked ass at his job, and did it in two languages," Stewart exclaimed; he then one-upped himself when he celebrated New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for "kicking crazy ass," and praised the bold Jersey boss for his kind words for President Obama -- something Stewart called "slaloming down bullshit mountain."

Remarkable: bipartisanship, efficiency and commendations from late night television.