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'GCB's' Mark Deklin Teases Upcoming Bedroom Antics: 'You're Going to See Some Skin'

The actor tells THR what's to come for Blake on the ABC comedy and whether he'll return to CBS' "Hawaii Five-0."

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In addition to exploring its women’s often tenuous (and hilarious) relationship with God, ABC’s new hour-long comedy, GCB, takes a look at a very unique situation with Blake, a closeted gay man whose wife, Cricket (Miriam Shor), is in on the secret.

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“It was one of those things where the more I work on it, the more I realize why people would make this kind of arrangement,” Mark Deklin, who plays Blake, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “And how it could be done in a way that still had honor and integrity.”

THR spoke with the 44-year-old actor about what’s coming up on the freshman series, how he came to understand his character’s choices and how the native East Coaster finds a connection to the Southern characters he has played during his career.

The Hollywood Reporter: There’s a whole Gone With the Wind-themed event coming up on GCB. What can fans can expect from that?
Deklin: It’s going to be fun. We all get to attend a Gone With the Wind-themed wedding. Carlene [Kristin Chenoweth] and Ripp [David James Elliott] are renewing their vows. It was fun. Personally, I got to dress up in a confederate uniform and I got to be one of the guards that stands in the aisle as Ripp and Carlene go down. It was fun. The whole episode was a lot of fun.

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THR: What can you say about the baby talk ABC has teased for Blake and Cricket?
Deklin: Forgive me, I’m going to be cagey just because I think some of the surprises are so fun. Both these episodes coming up are two of my favorites. Miriam and I had so much fun in the baby-making episode. I truly can’t say too much, because it is so full of delightful little surprises. I don’t want to ruin anything. You’re going to see us run the whole gamut of emotions with comedy and sweat, which devolves into some great bedroom antics.

THR: I have to ask this for your fans. Can we expect you to go shirtless in this sort of bedroom scene?
Deklin: The bedroom antics, yes, I just don’t want to give away any plots. Let’s just say yes, you’re going to see some skin.

THR: How have you wrapped your head around that relationship and how they make that arrangement work for them?
Deklin: For sure. That was a challenge at first. It actually grew into a fantastic creative opportunity but, yeah, coming in to it, I have to admit that I had some prejudice. I don’t know anybody who’s in the closet. It felt sort of very old-fashioned to me. I suppose I probably had some judgment about what kind of person would be in the closet, would sort of live a lie. Of course, I had to get past that. As an actor, you have to get past judging the character.

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Miriam and I had so much fun. The friendship that we developed with one another as actors, I think, comes through. That’s a great way to approach [the on-screen relationship]. At the end of the day, they have a lot of fun together and they’re a great team. They have this family that comes first and they value that and want to expand it, which we’re going to see in the upcoming episodes.