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'Glee's' New Villain Grant Gustin Spills Secrets About Character (Q&A)


Have you met any of the other main cast?

Gustin: I have met everybody except for Jane Lynch, actually. The most exciting, coolest person to meet! But I'm sure I will in the near future. My last day of filming was the day they were filming "West Side Story" on stage. I got to briefly meet everybody that day.

Do you feel like the end of Episode 5 leaves a lot of doors open for your character?

Gustin: I shouldn't say too much, but I will say that it's a pretty big character reveal. I'd be surprised if you didn't see too much more of Sebastian. But to be honest I do not know how much I'll be around. It's set up that it could go either way. And that's all I can say about it. ... There's some good stuff coming up, and not just in that episode. The episode before and those following. There's some juicy stuff happening.

What are the Warblers actors like?

Gustin: My favorite day of shooting so far was we went to Dalton, in Pasadena. Those guys are so much fun, they're amazing. They welcomed me with open arms into the family. We all clicked right away, we're tweeting each other and figuring out times to hang out. We're just a bunch of guys, and what's more fun than a bunch of guys singing and dancing?

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Were you aiming for Broadway as a career originally, or were you open to TV?

Gustin: My childhood dream was always to be on Broadway. I wanted to end up in TV and film. It's kind of flipped, and I'm not mad about it, but my childhood dream is Broadway and I want to end up there. I need that Broadway debut, I did a tour but I need that debut and I am going to work to end up there. I do want to spend time in TV and film, who knows what the timeline will be, the timeline has surprised me a lot already.

What kind of projects interest you?

Gustin: My favorite actor that I look up to is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. His career is something I look up to, I just want to be that guy. He's always part of projects that have a lot of soul and that's what I want to do as an actor.

Do you have music ambitions in the pop route outside of Broadway?

Gustin: Not necessarily. I've never been passionate about just music, I've never seen myself going into music in that sense. My love for music has always been connected to the stories told through music, which is why I was drawn to theater and why I think Glee is so powerful. I love music, more than anything, I don't think I would want to go into a strictly music field. I'm not looking to do it, but who knows what will happens.

Any dream songs to perform on Glee?

Gustin: I'd like to do something with a new vibe, but they've covered so much that's almost impossible. Some of my favorite artists are Jason Mraz, Eric Hutchinson, Ben Folds, Bruno Mars, Mumford and Sons, Maroon 5 -- their vibe is slightly different from all the pop stuff on Glee, although some do fall into that genre. There's definitely some Mraz and Maroon 5 I'd like to do. I guess one fun song would be "Butterfly" by Jason Mraz, kind of flirtatious, something to sing at Blaine with the Warblers.

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What's it been like with the fan base on Twitter? How are you adjusting to the world of Glee fans?

Gustin: I'm still figuring it that out. I used Twitter before Glee, but I only had 300 followers. Now I have 12,300-something, so I have 12 thousand more followers than I had 3 weeks ago. That's weird. There's been one instance already where there was a freakout and I didn't even know what I said! Things like that, I just have to be careful. Then last night, I don't know if you noticed this...

You tweeted your phone number.

Gustin: It was terrifying! I was in a Direct Message conversation with someone who was trying to give me info for a get together and they didn't have my number. So I was trying to send it to them, and somehow I put it on my live tweets. I didn't even realize I did it. I was on my phone doing something and it rang, I picked it up and they didn't say anything. Then it rang again from another number and the same thing. Then it kept ringing. Within 10 seconds 20 people had called me. I thought "what is going on?" and then I realized I had put it on twitter. Within five minutes I had to call AT&T and go "I need to change my number now!" My heart was going crazy like, how did I do this!? It was very extreme and very scary.

Did you listen to any messages from the fans?

Gustin: I listened to a few out of curiosity with my roommates, we had a good laugh at my expense. I had calls from Canada or the U.K., and some from like, a neighborhood over from mine. If they only knew!

Have you met any fans in person?

Gustin: The only time fans were around was the Warbler day and nobody knew who I was. They recognized the other guys, and Darren was there, but no one noticed me. There's one picture of me floating around and my hair isn't even like that anymore. I'm sure after my episode airs I'll get noticed here and there. It's going to be weird, but that's the type of thing I haven't even wrapped my head around yet. I don't even understand, like why are you a fan of me. It's weird! Someone treated at me one time going "who is this @GrantGust guy, I don't know who this is?" And I tweeted back, "don't' worry, I wouldn't know who I was if I wasn't me either."

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You respond a lot, is there anything you won't respond to?

Gustin: I try to reply a lot, it's so nice to see such a simple gesture can make someone's day. If that can make someone's day then I'm going to do it. I don't necessarily understand it I guess, but I will reply to as many people as I can on Twitter. But personal things about my family or my home I won't answer. People asking about the show, I won't say what the songs are on Twitter. There are certain things -- (laughs) -- I'll put my phone number on Twitter, but that's all.

Is there anything I didn't ask you? Since this is your first major interview and you're not yet bored or jaded by interviews yet, is there anything you want to share?

Gustin: Hmm, well actually, I was talking to my mom earlier today and she told me (mimics his mother) "the only thing I want you to say is I made you take tap against your will, and that I've always been 100 percent supportive of you." And that's true, my parents and my family in general have been amazing since day one about me going into a business where you're almost destined to fail. They've never been stage parents waiting in the wings, but they've always been supportive of me.