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Jennifer Lawrence on Puking Post-Oscars: Miley Cyrus Said 'Get It Together' (Video)

Also on the late-night shows: Patrick Stewart rails against the producers of "Harry Potter" and Hugh Jackman races Jimmy Fallon.

Jennifer Lawrence Late Night - H 2014

Jennifer Lawrence says you know you've hit bottom when Miley Cyrus looks concerned for your well-being. After partying a bit too hard following the Oscars, the actress ended up throwing up at a fancy party while Cyrus looked on.

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"I was in such bad condition and I look behind me and Miley Cyrus is there, and is like, 'Get it together,' " Lawrence said on Late Night Wednesday. But hey, she got to meet Brad Pitt that night, so it wasn't all bad: "He smelled like sandalwood."

It was X-Men: Days of Future Past night on the late shows, with Lawrence's co-stars Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman also making the rounds.

On Comedy Central, Stewart railed against the producers of the Harry Potter films for never offering him a role. 

"Wouldn't you think Ian McKellen and I were a shoo-in for Harry Potter? Not one phone call," Stewart joked to Stephen Colbert. "It hurts. It still hurts!"

On The Tonight Show, Wolverine himself challenged Jimmy Fallon to a cooler scooter race. What's that? And why did they do it, you ask? Just watch.