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Michelle Obama Talks 'Kiss Cam,' Jokes With Gabby Douglas on 'Tonight Show' (Video)

The First Lady explains what happened when cameras at a basketball game caught her appearing to decline to kiss her husband.

Michelle Obama Gabby Douglas Jay Leno Instagram - H 2012
After the show taped, Gabby Douglas (center) posted this Instagram photo of herself with Michelle Obama and Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show."

A day after holding court at two fundraisers in Los Angeles, First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by The Tonight Show With Jay Leno to talk politics -- and explain her reaction to a recent appearance on a "kiss cam."

Obama, who attended fundraisers Sunday at the homes of Gwen Stefani and Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer, and her husband were booed last month at an exhibition basketball game between Team USA and Brazil when they declined to smooch while being caught by a "kiss cam."

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On the big screen, President Obama was seen putting his arm around his wife and smiling for the crowd, while she appeared to shake her head "no."

The First Lady on Monday night set the record straight on what actually happened. As footage of the incident played, Leno commented that it appeared she "turned him down."

"No, I did not," she said, adding: "This is the background. We had just -- the girls [daughters Malia and Sasha] and I went somewhere else. We met him at the game. And I had just walked in and sat down, and I just saw my face on the Jumbotron. And I'm still a little embarrassed. So I just -- I didn't see the kiss cam part. ... So I didn't know we were supposed to kiss."

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Among those upset with the couple for not puckering up was Malia, Obama said.

"Malia came over after we got booed for not kissing," she said. "And she was -- she was just disgusted with us. ...  She said, 'Why didn't you kiss?' And I was like, 'Kiss what? What are you talking about?' She's like, 'You were on the kiss cam. You were supposed to kiss.' And I was ‑‑ we were like ‑‑ we were not paying attention."

Obama also revealed that Malia was responsible for the couple's second -- and more successful -- appearance on kiss cam later during the game.

Obama also talked politics on The Tonight Show. Asked what she was most proud of during her husband's first term, she cited health reform.

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Also appearing as a guest on the show was Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas, who told Leno that after the competition she "splurged" on an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's.

When Leno questioned the food choice, Obama quipped: "Yeah, Gabby, don't encourage him. I'm sure it was on a whole wheat McMuffin."

Douglas also expressed her surprise at how much her life has changed since winning two gold medals in London (Team USA also won the team competition).

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"I think it’s very different and when I mean different it’s in a better way," she said. "I mean I never thought I would be doing the show with the First Lady or even you, Jay."

"Well...," Leno began before Obama quipped: "Even you too, Jay!"

The Tonight Show airs at 11:35 p.m. weeknights on NBC. Watch two clips from Obama's Monday night appearance below.