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Mondo Guerra Recaps 'Project Runway': Holy Whac-A-Mole-Y!

The "All Stars" champion shares his thoughts on the season's second unconventional challenge, which required the designers to make garments out of materials found at the Coney Island games.

Project Runway Season 12 - Helen & Bradon - P 2013
Helen Castillo and Bradon McDonald in the workroom.

Project Runway kicked up the kitsch and doubled the fun this week with a little field trip to Coney Island. The designers teamed up to take their Yoplait inspirations from the boardwalk to the catwalk, using carnival game prizes for materials. 

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Some pairs showed it takes two to make a thing go right, while others proved "team" is a four-letter word.

Holy whac-a-mole-y!

In the Workroom

Tim Gunn and the button bag sorted the designers into seven teams:

  • Alexander & Justin
  • Kate & Helen
  • Jeremy & Ken
  • Sue & Sandro
  • Bradon & Karen
  • Dom & Alexandria
  • Timothy & Miranda

Ah, the button bag -- faithfully pairing designers with their nemeses since 2004.

While they were hopeful about their partnership on Coney Island, back at Parsons, Timothy and Miranda's hometown hang-ups came to a head. Miranda's sewing room slamfest sent Timothy spiraling into self-doubt about his place in the competition.

It took a good cry in the corner with his stuffed unicorn and some words of encouragement from his model's card to convince Timothy to stay in the game. (I lost count of how many cries it took Miranda to cope.) Apparently, Team Wisconsin carried some extra baggage for the trip to New York. Yikes…

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Sandro, on the other hand, forgot to pack his manners when he basically brow-beat Sue into submission. Male chauvinism? Not cute. Sandro's mood swings and low blows are getting worse with each challenge. Can somebody please get this guy a stress ball and then give Sue an award for putting up with him?

After last week's explosion, Mt. St. Helen was looking to redeem herself. So when she was paired with Kate, Helen put aside her initial misgivings. To everyone's surprise, the two hit it off and forged a new friendship. What's the female version of "bromance"? "Womance"? That's them.