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Mondo Guerra Recaps 'Project Runway': Wedding Bells and Alarm Bells


Kate Pankoke, $200

I really liked this. I have criticized Kate before about being too precious with her design aesthetic, but this look is a refreshing new approach for her. It's ready-to-wear but it still has special details that give great impact -- particularly those pants. Kate stepped outside of her comfort zone and flexed her range as a designer. It excited the judges and made me want to see more.


Bradon McDonald, $215

Masterful combination of textures and prints in this look -- really cool. His model looks strong, confident and modern. Bradon has a great sense of proportion and a keen eye for color. I love the organized chaos of the top paired with these cropped menswear-like pieces (can I have them?). A great concept executed like a pro. And the styling is like a cherry on top.


Dom Streater, $175

Dom has consistently delivered fresh, youthful designs and this one was no exception. Everyone knows I'm a sucker for stripes. Her use of the striped and chevron panels was very flattering and I liked the pops of color she introduced through the neckpiece and accessories. This look was whimsical and well-made -- my favorite look from Dom so far.


Sue Waller, $405

This look was odd. Sue's design evoked "Octopussy," "Sigourney Weaver in Alien," and "sea kelp" from the judges. For me, there was a lack of ambition here. And talk about sticker shock! For $405 I would expect a lot more from Sue. (Where's the leather?)


Jeremy Brandrick, $190

Jeremy admitted he was off his game but committed to this look inspired by his grandmother. Not a big fan of the colors here. And for how conservative the lace jacket and wide-leg pants are, the exposed belly button completely throws me. Not his best work.


Miranda Levy, $125

We've seen two version of this silhouette from Miranda already. The unfortunate last-minute decision to crop the blouse didn't help. And as much as I love a good houndstooth print, I wish she would have highlighted the bow tie in a more innovative and prominent way. Bummer.