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1 years

Mondo Guerra's Take on 'Project Runway': If the Shoe Fits

The Judges' Decisions

Helen's design had the judges head over heels, scoring her second win of the season, while Miranda's look got her the boot.

Mondo's Last Word

Was the challenge to design a look inspired by the shoes or a look that complemented the shoes? Trick question -- it's both. That was the problematic part about judging this episode.

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On one hand, you have designers like Bradon and Dom who delivered more literal translations of their shoes both in color and aesthetic. On the other hand, you have designers like Alexandria and Helen who tried to counterbalance their shoes.

I guess if you look at this challenge as if the shoes were a client, it makes sense to sacrifice some of your design aesthetic for the greater good.

Honorable mentions go to Justin and Kate for drawing inspiration from their shoes while still delivering high-fashion looks with their signatures.

Miranda should be proud to have made it this far in the competition, but I agreed that it was her time to go. But Bradon certainly dodged a bullet this week. For a split second, I wasn't sure who was going home.

I was sick thinking Bradon would be eliminated with no Tim Gunn save to rescue him. Hopefully he was just having a bad day and we'll see him back on his game next week.

Did you agree with the judges? Sound off in the comments.

Project Runway All Stars champ Mondo Guerra is back to dish on the designs and drama ofProject Runway season 12. His exclusive collection of eyewear with national optical boutique SEE hits stores this fall. He has also partnered with Merck for "I Design," a national HIV/AIDS education campaign that underscores the importance of patients tailoring treatment goals with their doctors. To learn more about Mondo, visit mondoguerra.com